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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After Man Freezes to Death in Unlicensed Nursing Home
A wrongful death lawsuit settled seven years ago for $750,000, in which a retired judge froze to death in an unlicensed nursing home in Brooklyn, did little to resolve the issue of nursing home abuse.

Jury Awards $8.6 Million to Families of UM Students Killed While Crossing Kendall Drive
Almost $8.6 million was awarded by a jury to two University of Miami doctoral students killed crossing Kendall Drive in October of 2013. The driver who hit them was adjudged to be 95 percent responsible for the tragic accident.

Neurosurgeon Arrested While Hospital Faces Civil Suits
A former neurosurgeon who performed a number of spinal surgeries at Baylor Regional Medical Center has been arrested and charged with killing or permanently injuring patients. In 2013, he had his license suspended for failing to follow appropriate planning standards before operations, and for not recognizing and addressing complications during several surgeries. A number of civil lawsuits have been filed against Baylor Plano for compromising the safety of patients.

DART Bus Driver Struck and Killed by Fellow Operator
A bus operator employed by Dallas Area Rapid Transit was killed when one of his colleagues pulled out and struck him as the victim stood outside of his bus. The accident occurred in a DART lot in Northwest Dallas where drivers are given their routes and pick up their buses.

Texas Police Chief Died in Motorcycle Accident
Corpus Christi Police Chief Floyd Simpson, a 25-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, died from his injuries after he tried to avoid his motorcycle crashing into a truck and a car veering on the highway.

Table Saw Injuries Lead to Lawsuit
A Harris County man filed a product liability suit against various power tool manufacturers, including Black & Decker, alleging that the table saw he used did not have the latest safety improvements.

Truck in Fatal Bridge Accident Lacked Proper Permit
According to the Texas DMV, the tractor-trailer with an oversized load that struck construction beams along I-35 did not have the required permit. The accident led to one fatality and multiple injuries.

Senior Care Facility Ordered to Pay $16 Million Dollars
A Tarrant County jury recently awarded a family 16 million dollars in a wrongful death suit against a nursing home facility after it let one of its workers drive home intoxicated. The drunk driver hit another vehicle, killing the driver and injuring three passengers.

Family Files Lawsuit Over Owasso Plane Crash That Killed Perry Inhofe
The family of a surgeon who died in a plane crash when one of the engines on his private craft failed has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Final Flight 3407 Lawsuit Settled
The only personal injury/ wrongful death case to go to trial relating to the New York Flight 3407 crash has been settled.

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