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Attorney Michael Sawicki of the Dallas based Sawicki Law Firm has aggressively fought for those injured by sexual assault for over 15 years.   Sexual assault cases involve a mixture of criminal and civil issues and are very complicated due to their unique character.  These cases also involve very sensitive matters and must be handled by someone with a distinct approach.  Attorney Michael Sawicki has the knowledge and understanding to be successful in these cases while also focusing on the victim’s experience.  He has represented clients who were sexually assaulted in hospitals, nursing homes, summer camps, churches and at universities, among other institutions.

Most of us are familiar with sexual assault in the criminal context.  While all sexual assaults are considered crimes, they can also be characterized as intentional torts.  A tort is a civil wrong that can result in liability.  Sexual assaults are intentional meaning that the offender intended to engage in the conduct.  Therefore, these types of cases are distinguished from ordinary personal injury actions, where usually lower forms of intent must be proven.

While the penal system focuses on the person that committed the sexual assault, Attorney Sawicki knows and understands that the act is most likely the result of a bigger problem.  It is almost always the case that the sexual assault occurred because there was some type of failure in the system put in place to protect the victim.  Sometimes institutions ignore supervision requirements allowing an offender to easily sexually assault a victim.  Other times, businesses and other entities fail to abide by safe hiring practices allowing someone to be hired that has a history of sexual assault.  It is often the case that responsible parties ignored explicit warning signs thereby allowing a sexual assault to occur.  In all of these cases and others, these parties are partially responsible for the victim’s trauma. Therefore, sexual assault attorney Michael Sawicki pursues not only the offender but the larger institution as well.

These matters also involve complex insurance issues.  Many times intentional torts are not covered under liability policies.  Attorney Sawicki’s years of experience allows him to navigate these complicated issues with the goal that the victim will receive a substantial recovery.

Sexual assault cases are wrought with emotional issues.  These events cause severe trauma to the victim and while obtaining a substantial settlement is the goal, it is just as important to preserve the victim’s mental health.  Therefore, Attorney Sawicki understands that it is necessary to proceed with caution and works with a team of mental health professionals to guide and support the victim through the litigation process.  Over the years, he has developed and fine-tuned this network of professionals to ensure that the victim is not reinjured during the litigation process.  

Attorney Sawicki is based in Dallas, Texas but represents victims of sexual assault across the country.  He has been asked to speak and lecture on multiple occasions and has written extensively on this topic.  

Allow sexual assault attorney Michael Sawicki to provide you with the aggressive representation and support you need to pursue a claim of sexual assault.  If you or someone you know has been the victim of this type of assault, contact the Sawicki Law Firm by calling (888)468-8844.

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