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Dallas based Injury Attorneys, Sawicki Law Firm aggressively advocates for those that have been injured by a medical device or pharmaceutical drug.  Medical devices and drugs are intended to improve our health, but, can sometimes be more dangerous than consumers are aware of due to misleading information or insufficient warnings.  If you were injured by one of these products, you need an experienced attorney to investigate and make a case in order to get the compensation you deserve.

Unfortunately, not all of the drugs and devices approved by the Food and Drug Administration are completely safe.  When someone is injured by one of these products, they can usually recover through a personal injury action.  Most device and drug cases are based on a theory of products liability.  This type of action allows a person to recover if a product was defective.  A product can be defective in one of three ways: manufacturing, design or marketing.  

A manufacturing defect is one that occurred when the product was being created.  For example, if the wrong amount of medication was added to a capsule, this would be a manufacturing defect.  Usually, manufacturing defects affect only a small number of products in the line, but, are the basis for a products liability action nevertheless.  

A design defect is present when something about the product is inherently dangerous.  For example, using toxic materials to manufacture a hip implant is a design defect. These defects affect all of the products in the line.  Design defects occur in medical device and pharmaceutical cases when developers do not take the time to properly investigate the dangers of their product.  They can also occur when the developers ignore the dangers of a product or intentionally omit information in order to get it on the market.  All of these actions can lead to a products liability action.

A marketing defect is one that occurs when someone in the line from developer to consumer fails to provide the consumer with accurate instructions or warnings.  It is the responsibility of those bringing the drug or device to the public to provide consumers with instructions for appropriate use and warnings of side effects and other dangers.  If these requirements are not met, it can lead to liability.  

Defective drugs and devices have the potential to cause serious injuries to individuals.  When this happens, it is imperative to retain an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable in the products liability field.  These matters are often complicated and difficult to prove and therefore require the assistance of experts.  Attorney Michael Sawicki works with a team of highly skilled experts to make the strongest case for each client.  While Sawicki Law does participate in class action suits, a category which many defective pharmaceutical and medical device claims fall into, they do not represent mass plaintiffs. They focus on a select group of clients in order to provide them with highly comprehensive representation.

Attorney Sawicki has experience pursuing claims on behalf of clients injured by defective products of all kinds.  He has represented those injured by medical devices including vaginal mesh and the Depuy hip implant, as well as those injured by pharmaceuticals such as Paxil.  He also represents clients all over the country in his national defective pharmaceutical and medical device practice.  

If you believe you may have been injured by a defective product, call the Sawicki Law Firm to schedule a case evaluation.  Call (888)468-8844 today.

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