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The Sawicki Law Firm based in Dallas is committed to providing comprehensive and uniquely tailored representation to those that have been the victim of aviation accidents.  While aviation crashes are rare, when they do occur, they are typically catastrophic.  Attorney Michael Sawicki has the experience necessary to represent victims and their families when these traumatic events occur.

Attorney Michael Sawicki has represented victims of private plane crashes, military aircraft crashes, emergency air helicopter crashes and commercial airline crashes.  Although the Sawicki Law Firm is based in Texas, the aviation accident practice is both national and international.  Attorney Sawicki has represented those injured and the families of those killed in forums all over the United States and world.  He has pursued claims in various states and in the foreign countries such as Mexico, Columbia and France.  

With this type of practice the rules vary from state to state and from country to country.  Therefore, it is necessary for an attorney practicing in this area to have the ability to adapt and be successful under many different rules of law.  Personal injury attorney Michael Sawicki has this ability.  He gets to know applicable laws quickly and works intensely to use them to be successful in aviation claims.  Also, as a pilot himself, he has a unique knowledge of this industry which he applies to each and every case.  

While the rules vary in detail, the general laws applicable to aviation crashes are somewhat similar across the country and world.  These cases are usually personal injury or wrongful death actions, pursued by a victim that was injured or by the family of a victim that was killed.  As such, the concepts of negligence apply.  Negligence occurs when a party fails to act as a reasonable person would under the same circumstances.  In aviation, when someone deviates from the appropriate standard of care, it can have severe consequences and lead to immense liability.  Some personal injury and wrongful death actions in this area are brought under a theory of recklessness, meaning that someone knew or should have known that their conduct was dangerous, but engaged in it anyway.  Although it is rare, some of these actions are also brought under a theory of willful or intentional conduct.  Whatever the circumstances, Attorney Sawicki has the knowledge to pursue a claim.

Aviation accidents can also be the result of a defective product such as a mechanical component or engine part.  When a defective product is the cause, a different type of personal injury action, called products liability, is appropriate.  A product can be defective in three ways: manufacturing, design or marketing.  Each has their own requirements and is proven differently in court, but, can have equally catastrophic effects on an airliner.  These actions give a plaintiff the ability to hold various parties responsible for injuries or death.  Parties such as the manufacturer, retailer, distributor and parts suppliers can all be pursued when a defective product is the cause of a crash. Attorney Sawicki is experienced in bringing products liability claims against these and other parties.

If you were injured in an aviation accident, or you suffered the loss of a loved one as the result of a crash, personal injury attorney Michael Sawicki can help you recover.  Contact the Sawicki Law Firm to take advantage of their unique experience in this area by calling (888)468-8844.

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