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Monday, August 21, 2017

Who May Be Liable For Construction Accident Injuries?

Construction workers do some of the most dangerous work in the country. Construction-related injuries are more of a “when” proposition than an “if” proposition. When these injuries do happen, there may be multiple parties that face liability. If you are injured in a construction accident in Texas, you should talk with an experienced construction accident lawyer to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible for this disruption in your life.

Construction Sites are Complex

Due to the complexities of construction projects, construction sites are often the responsibility of a multitude of parties. Depending on when, where and how an accident occurred on the construction site, one or more of these potential involved parties may bear some of the liability for an injury. These potential liable parties may include:

  • Property Owners – if the owner of the property has substantial control over the site at the time of injury, they may be found liable.
  • General Contractors – these folks are responsible to ensure the safety of the worksite and must ensure all safety laws are complied with. If they are not, or if they hire incompetent workers that compromise the safety of the jobsite, then they may be liable for the injury.
  • Prime-Contractors – these contractors are responsible for the work laid out in their contract. If a prime contractor is responsible for trenchwork and someone is injured during the trenching process, then the prime contractor may have liability for the injuries. They may also have liability if a sub-contractor that they hire causes an injury.
  • Engineers & Architects – if a worker is injured due to the design of the project, then the design professionals may be liable for the injury.
  • Sub-Contractors – like prime contractors, sub-contractors are responsible for ensuring the safety of their workers while performing their portion of the larger project. If say, a painter, fell of off a ladder because it broke while he was working on it, then the paining subcontractor may be liable.
  • Equipment Manufacturers – designers, manufacturers and equipment maintenance companies are responsible for ensuring the products that they produce or maintain are safe for their intended purpose. If a worker is injured because a nail-gun malfunctions, then the manufacturer or designer may be liable for injury caused by the defective product.

Because there are so many companies and individuals involved in completing construction projects, the determination of liability for injuries can be complicated. An experienced construction accident attorney will thoroughly investigate your case, review all evidence and hire professionals skilled in reconstructing construction accidents to render professional opinions on where liability lies.

If you are injured, you may have the right to obtain workers’ compensation insurance benefits, disability benefits and more. Construction-related injuries can be life-altering. To ensure you get the best possible compensation package for your injuries, contact a Texas personal injury lawyer for guidance on how best to proceed with your case.

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